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Why spend a little more?

Grade A Teak

Reason 1 - Differences in wood quality

Teak is the best wood for an outdoor bench.

Teak has evolved to survive in varying weather conditions including excess sun and excess rain.

For hundreds of years ships have been built from teak.

If you purchase cheap teak that is not grade "A" you can expect:

  • Knots in the wood - Which create weak areas
  • Dry wood that cracks and requires High Maintenance and oiling
  • Wide grain wood that looks poor
  • The furniture to last 2-10 Years

If you study the picture on the right you can see that there is a good quality wood area and a poor quality area.

If you buy true grade "A" wood - you would expect;

  • The furniture to last 20-60 years
  • No knots
  • Low or nil maintenance for 10-20 years . The oil that is held in the wood provides food for your wood naturally.

Always look closely at the bench ... what looks like one strip of it One piece ?  Cheaper benches are cobbled together from multiple strips of wood which split and come apart. Imagine rain getting in between the joints - The wood rots and the bench falls apart.

When the wood is joined does it seal itself to stop the rain water from getting in and rotting it ?

The quality of the wood joint ... always ask if it's Mortise and Tenon. These are the strongest joins, this stops the furniture from moving and the wood splitting and allowing rain water to get inside.

Cheaper benches have to use thin screws and they are left visible . These corrode and cause decay in your furniture.


Reason 2 - Differences in Build


What looks like one piece of ! - Thick grade "A" Teak is very expensive to get. Look how thick the legs are on a Barlow Tyrie Bench

Mortise and Tenon Joints are used.

Wood joins meet up well and rain water cannot get in - Hence why they last so long.

Metal screws are brass and thick and are hidden by neat wooden caps to help prevent decay.