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  1. We can carve patterns and logos into wood and in enamel. Prices will depend on imagery supplied and complexity. Please email us for a price and to supply an image
  2. We can put photographs into the headrail which are enamelled for longevity . These are usually £120 each if you supply the photograph.
  3. We can inscribe on upper and lower headrails. Most people use the top rail which is behind your head when you sit on the bench . The lower rail is behind your knees when you are seated.
  4. The Sissinghurst can only have a lower rail inscription due to the complexity of the upper headrail design.
  5. We carve our inscriptions with a “V” shaped cutting tool. This means that the inscription can be read for the life of the bench, and read from an angle as you look at the bench . Our competitors mainly use a straight on cut which is not very deep and cannot be read from much of an angle